Reading List

Reading seems to be a lost art among many people. I think some of the best research and non-tech research is using books. Books require no power, no distractions, and do not blast that Ad in the middle of your screen giving you the middle finger. I usually purchase physical copies of most books that I might use for research due to the ease of using a physical book (fight me about it!).

UPDATE (2018-11-05): I split the pages into different level to list what I think they should fall into to help those looking for a specific level of book or resource.

Reading Lists

Future Reading List

Python Digital Forensics Cookbook by Preston Miller and Chapin Bryce
File System Forensic Analysis by Brian Carrier
Real Digital Forensics by Keith J. Jones, Richard Bejtlich, and Curtis W. Rose
Forensic Discovery by Dan Famer and Wietse Venema (added to the Beginner's List)

Fun Reads

Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World's Most Wanted Hacker
Author: Kevin Mitnick

How do you piss off you local telephone company or the FBI? Kevin Mitnick pulls of both easily in this recount of what happened to him while he was on the run for most of his early life. He performed feats that would amaze even the most seasoned security professional. Of course, I think I would have been beaten if my mother heard about me doing anything similar to Kevin during his youth.